PRMS: Professional Management and Reimbursement Services
PRMS: Untangling the Gordian Knot of reimbursement

Contact: Sandy Coyle

Professional Reimbursement & Management Services has a billing staff of five employees, one who is a certified professional coder. Collectively we have over 70 years experience in the field of medical reimbursement. We have expertise with Cardiology, Urology, Internal Medicine, Radiology, Rheumatology and Pain Specialties, and experience in Neurology, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Anesthesia, Gynecology & Obstetrics.

We are able to transmit electronically to all government payers. We are able to offer the same service for Anthem, Aetna, Medical Mutual and most payers that accept claims electronically. We are able to edit claims for missing information, and medical necessity to reduce claim denial. We are able to amend claims for specifications that a carrier is requesting. We keep you informed of appropriate medical necessity, and the specifications a payer may have. We understand the importance of coding to the highest specificity, and the importance of modifiers so that claims are paid correctly. We take pride in our follow up of claims, and really believe this has set us apart from other billing agencies. We continue to work claims until they are paid appropriately, and will engage the provider or the patient as the need arises.

We understand that increasing reimbursement through better coding education, follow up and valid insurance appeals have a dramatic positive effect on the bottom line of your practice. As we have seen this year, the reduction of Medicare reimbursement and the increase in managed care the physician must struggle to keep his practice. profitable. We understand the Physicians survival in the 21st century may depend on the allocation of more high- level resources on the reimbursement aspect of your practice. Professional Reimbursement & Management Services utilizes Micro MD software. We have found this services the desires of our providers and our accounting requirements as well. We are able to offer many detailed reports, which include:

We value our good rapport with our other clients. We have found they are satisfied because of our availability to them for their questions and concerns, as well as their patientís inquiries. We offer a toll free number to our clients, and to their patients of our clients. We have found this to be an asset in patient satisfactory. Professional Reimbursement & Management Services is anticipating new expansion this year, but with the growth, we will uphold our high standards, and maintain our integrity.

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